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To acquire more profitable businesses is to construct a higher-level diagnostic scanner with wider vehicle compatibility & quicker diagnostics for all users or customers. Now the LAUNCH scan tool CRP919X could do it. It loads super Android10.0 OS & 3+32GB memory, which can run faster vehicle diagnostics than ever.

Optimized combination of LAUNCH Creader VII/ CRP123/ CRP123X/ CRP129/ CRP129X/ CRP129E/ CRP Touch pro elite/ CRP909E/ CR909X, LAUNCH CRP919X builds on their strengths and acts on its unique features: Superior hardware configuration, Added repair functions, Bi-directional control (Active test), 20000+ worldwide models, New Protocols DoIP & CAN FD, etc., making all disadvantages perish and achieving itself an essential entry-level diagnostic tablet for beginners, technicians, repair workshops, and advanced DIYers.

Reasons for Choosing LAUNCH CRP919X:

29 Repair Functions
Bi-directional Control (Active Test)
DoIP & CAN FD Compatible
1996-2022 Vehicle Coverage
Updated Hardware Configuration
OE-Level All System Diagnostics
Auto VIN Scan
One-click WiFi Updating
Full 10 OBD Modes
Abundant Online Repair Database
29+ Reset Functions for 99% of Common Repair and Maintenance
bi-directional scan tool crp919x
Have you ever been bothered by these troubles?

The reset functions of your diagnostic scanners are not enough.
Limited vehicle compatibility of your automotive scan tools cannot recruit more business.
Don’t feel bad! LAUNCH CRP919X OBD2 scanner can drive your trouble away. This entry-level diagnostic tablet provides 29+ maintenance functions for worldwide 1996-2022 vehicles (over 100 brands compatible), which can perfectly solve common repair needs in your workshops. And the CRP909X car scanner will also bring more compatible vehicle brands and features via constant updating later.

✔️3 Newly Added Functions Than CRP909X: EGR Reset / Power Balance / High Voltage Battery Diagnostic

✔️5 Hot Repair Functions:

Oil Reset (for 53 brands): Reset the oil life system and turn off the oil light to start a new cycle.
TPMS Reset (for 36 brands): Reset tire pressure and turn off the TPMS light after replacement.
EPB Reset (for 41 brands): Maintain the electronic braking system safely and effectively by deactivating and activating the brake control system, setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, etc.
BMS Reset (for 31 brands): Re-match the battery control module and motoring sensor.
Throttle Matching (for 37 brands): Cycle the motorized throttle body through various states (idle, part throttle, WOT) to relearn their positions.
✔️More Maintenance Functions: SAS Reset, Gearbox Reset, DPF Regeneration, Gear Learning, IMMO, Injector Coding, Suspension, Sunroof, Headlamp, A/F Reset, AC System Relearn, AdBlue Reset, Coolant Bleeding, Lang Change, NOx Sensor Reset, Seat, Stop/Start Reset, Transport Mode, Tyre Reset, Windows Calibration, etc.

*Menu varies by vehicle's make, model, and year.

Outstanding New Feature--Bi-directional Control (Active Test)
launch scanner crp919x
LAUNCH constantly optimizes and raises its diagnostic level & functions on all the diagnostic scan tools. Now the upgraded version of LAUNCH CRP919X scan tool is released.--It is based on the CRP123X/ CRP129X/ CRP909X and could meet various repair needs for technicians, repair workshops, and advanced DIYers.

The newly added “Bi-directional Control” is practical for finding out what's wrong with a car. The CRP919X bi-directional scan tool can actuate solenoids and actuators for active test and send commands to systems/components to test their working status, without using the vehicle controls or tearing the vehicle into parts. For examples:

Injector Buzz Test
Fuel Pump & Valve Tests
Acceleration Device Test
A/C Compressor Activation
Switch Cylinder Correction On/Off
Turn the Radiator Fan On/Off
Modulate Throttle On/Off
Widely applied to Windows, Doors, Sunroof, Headlamps, etc
* Note: PLs update the software to get this function and send us the VIN for check compatibility firstly. It's is not universal to all vehicles

OE-level All Systems Diagnostic for Accurate DTC Detection
launch scanner crp919x
LAUNCH CRP919X automotive scanner can access all available systems to perform OE-level all systems diagnostics on Engine, AT, ABS, SRS, TPMS, BCM, Network, Steering, EPB, Chassis, etc. This car diagnostic scan tool roots out the hidden problems under the hood and saves diagnostic time and reduces the diagnostic fee. The complete systems vary from different cars.

Retrieve ECU Information - display unit type, version numbers, and more specifications.
Read Codes - show you detailed code definition and useful information for diagnostics
Clear Codes - erase the faulty codes after repairing and turn off the check engine light.
View the Live Data - provide live data and parameters from the vehicle’s ECU to help you quickly find potential problems in the vehicle.
Note: Specific systems vary by model, make, year, etc. You can check function compatibility by messaging our post-sales team.

Advanced Auto VIN Identification

Instead of manually inputting VIN codes one by one for reading vehicle information, this CRP919X diagnostic scanner is equipped with advanced Auto VIN functions allowing you to start VIN scanning on the car’s ECU with one click and in this case, you can directly access vehicle diagnostic screen to complete the diagnostic work.

CAN FD & DoIP New Communication Protocols: Same as the X431 Series
auto scan tool crp919x
LAUNCH CRP919X car scanner introduces new protocols CAN FD & DoIP into vehicle communication and diagnostics, which optimizes the communication with the vehicles of today and of the future. The LAUNCH CRP919X OBD scan tool with a large number of model data could alone handle almost 90% of mainstream model maintenance (1996-2022).


CAN with flexible data rate (CAN FD) overcomes the limitations of the classical CAN bus in terms of data transfer rate. In practice, the data throughput of CAN FD is 6x higher than classical CAN, depending on the network topology. Compatible with GM models (2021 and later).


With Diagnostics over DoIP, diagnostics introduced over UDS are used over TCP/IP and Ethernet. This enables much higher data rates than with CAN. That makes LAUNCH CRP909X save both in terms of time and expenses in the case of complex diagnostic tasks and flash applications. Compatible with BMW (F&G chassis), Volvo models (2018 later), Land Rover & Jaguar models (2017 later).

Worldwide Coverage: Work on 100+ brands and 20000+ models.

[America]: Compatible with Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, etc.
[Asia]: Compatible with Infiniti, Acura, Kia, Lexus, Hyundai, Subaru, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Suzuki, Toyota, etc.
[Europe]: Compatible with BMW, Benz, Audi, Porsche, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Citroen, Dacia, Volvo, VW, Land Rover, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, Jaguar, Lancia, Mini, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Sprinter, Vauxhall, etc.
Global Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Polish.

launch obd2 scanner CRP919X

launch crp919x

launch crp919x scan tool

Full 10 OBD Modes
Working as an OBD2 code reader, LAUNCH CRP919X provides complete OBD2 functions including Read/Clear Codes, O2 Sensor Test, etc. as well as DTC lookup, which enables you to know what’s wrong with the car and find available solutions accurately. This OBD2 function makes you smoothly pass the inspection and avoid high fines.

One-click WiFi Updating
What makes this LAUNCH CRP919X outperform other scanners in the aftermarket? The One-click Auto-Updating can be nominated. We offer 1-year no-charge updating via a WiFi connection to extend diagnostic vehicle coverage and fix the potential software bugs. No updating will not affect normal use.

Super-fast Android 10.0 OS
Paired with Android 10.0OS, LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CRP919X keeps your diagnostic data private with more control. So you can decide how and when data on your device is shared. And in Android 10 OS, you'll get regular security updating, faster application response for quick diagnostics, smooth network speed signals, and high frame rate refreshing.


If you have an issue or question that requires immediate assistance, you can click below to chat live with a Customer Service Dept. representative. If we aren’t availale, just drop us an email to the left and we’ll response within 24~48 hours.

E-mail: uksupport@launchx431pro.com

WhatsApp: +86 18028700839

Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 5pm

1. NO Import Duty, Easy Clearance Way:

1) Ship from UK Warehouse (Normally take about 3-7 working days to different EU countries.)
Our UK warehouse mainly ship to the following country:


A: To UK local address, normally take about 2-3 working days. to other European country will take about 5-7 working days, this all depends on the address is close or remote.
B: We just have stocks in UK warehouse, do not have branch company in UK, if item have problem need refund or repair, you need to send back to our Shenzhen, China warehouse.
C: If customer country do not have Shipping service in our UK warehouse or only have UPS service, customer need pay the UPS freight difference or package will ship from Shenzhen, China.

2). Shipment by Yanwen Express Service (Normally will take about 7-10 working days)

In order to help client who from EU countries avoid the high tax problem, we can send packages by Yanwen from shenzhen warehouse. it will take about 7-10 working days to arrive. but clients do not need to pay any extra payment for the import duty. Yanwen will help to make the customs clearancce for this. and we will help to afford all cost.

3). Normal Registered Airmail Post way (Very Slow)

Including Netherlands Post, China Post, USPS Post, Singapore Post, Hongkong Post, shipping within 2kg
Used for most countries in the world, Usually will arrival within 15-20 working days, sometimes will take about 10-15 working days arrival depend on the different countries.

2. Other Express Service

1) If the item you brought is no stock in our overseas warehouse. we will send packages from shenzhen China by DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc. (DHL will be the default delivery method)
2) Those express service will just take about 3-5 working days to arrive.
3) But to some eu countries, there might be customs duty problem. for this situation, we will always help to write low value on invoice to avoid high tax problem. So if you have any special rquest on this, you can email to inform us your suggestions. we will help to make it

Attention Please:

1. Our company is based in China, DHL packages would ship from Shenzhen or Hongkong.
* For our main market is European, Espeially UK, so our website domain is end as UK.launchx431pro.com
2. Products freight paid is the package freight ship to destination, not including TAX or VAT (Now all Product price includes tax)
3. Declare lower reduce tax not means no tax, we only declare lower help you clearance, customers should know the tax policy in their country, Check different country Tariff threshold
4. Any questions during the delivery or clearance please need contact us immediately, we would try our best sort out and help you clearance. 
5. If address is remote area, Customer should pay the remote freight for DHL or we will ship package to you by Yanwen or Normal Post.
some countries DHL have DHL limite freight,those area customer need pay DHL limite freight then can use DHL shipping.

Enjoying shopping~

Any questions, please contact us:

Phone: (+86) 18028700839

WhatsApp: +86 18028700839

Email: uksupport@launchx431pro.com

Business Information
This website is operated by Shenzhen Zhanhongye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,
Office Address: 1901F3, Hengfang Science and Technology Building, No. 4008, Xinhu Road, Yongfeng Community, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Registered in Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality, Baoan Suboffice.

Company Registration Number: 914403003425599717

Who is LAUNCH?

Launch Tech Co., Ltd, one of the leading enterprise in automotive after-market industry, was founded in 1992.

LAUNCH persists in technological innovation and independent R&D. For now, it has the world's largest and most skilled R&D team in this industry.LAUNCH initially put forward the concept of automotive aftermarket in 1994. With advanced auto diagnostic technology, LAUNCH has developed several production lines of auto diagnosis, test and maintenance, and lifter, etc., which are providing series of professional tools for auto maintenance industry.

Who is UK.Launchx431pro.com?

UK.Launchx431pro.com is a online shop From <Shenzhen Zhanhongye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,>, who is the Offical Launch authorized Distributor,who provides many kinds of obd2 Launch diagnostic tools. The most products support one year free online update, and we also provide one year warranty. (Subject to product page description)

Business Information
This website is operated by Shenzhen Zhanhongye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,
Office Address: 1901F3, Hengfang Science and Technology Building, No. 4008, Xinhu Road, Yongfeng Community, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Registered in Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality, Baoan Suboffice.

Company Registration Number: 914403003425599717

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